It is not the gift but the thought that counts



There is various reason why we give gifts to each other, one of the most important reason is to appreciate people in our lives and we value the role they play in our life. On the other hand, we give gifts to our employees towards the end of the year thanking people for their hard work over the year and encouraging them to continue working hard over the next year.


Gift-giving gives meaning to life, strengthens the relationship, you feel more fulfilled. Gift-giving not only delights the receiver but also the giver. It is an amazing way to make a better and healthier relationship.


Releases feel-good chemicals: When you share gifts with your family, friends, and any charitable organization, you start to feel good. It is one of the ways to feel gratitude in your life. We always feel good when we give more to others. 


Giving spreads Happiness and love: There are various ways, you can make other people feel good. Below are various ways you can make feel others happy. 


–     Offer a glass of water to the courier person

–     Distribute sweets to poor children 

–     Donate old clothes to the needy

–     Share sweets with your coworker

–     Make some food for your neighbou